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What’s The Difference Between Drain Cleaning And Sewer Cleaning?

As you may know, we provide drain and sewer cleaning services every day for both Commercial and Residential properties. So while simple differences in our industry might be obvious to us, we have to remind ourselves that they’re not always obvious to the customer. This is true for every single profession, we often forget that our level of expertise, is not the common understanding of all. So we don’t mind you asking “What's the difference between drain cleaning and sewer cleaning?”


Drains are the part of your waste-water system that is mostly in your house. These include your sinks, down through the p-traps, and to the sewer line. It also includes the drains that go from your toilet to the sewer line. Drains will not have roots in them as a sewer line would, but instead are clogged with what you send down the sinks, whether perfectly normal or downright embarrassing. A single drain can be clogged, which is usually a fairly easy fix with physical drain cleaning. When most of the drains are clogged or running slow, then your problem is probably with the…


The sewer line is the part of your water system that takes all the water from the drains and send it on its way out of your house and into the common sewer line that your city treats. Sewer lines are larger than your drains, but they have two reasons to require sewer cleaning. First, they can accumulate all of the stuff you’ve flushed or poured down the drain, and the problem usually starts with grease from a kitchen sink. They also have to contend with tree roots that are getting into the joints looking for water and nutrients.

No matter whether you need simple drain cleaning or sewer cleaning that requires rooter service, we can help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Give one of our experts a call when your water is running slow, you think something is clogged, or if you have any general questions regarding your properties plumbing.

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